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Bonnie Poitras Tucker

bonnie-croppedBonnie Tucker’s bold and vibrant collage art is uniquely created by utilizing self-created techniques. Her fascinating, very textured, usually three dimensional, and always vivid, work is comprised of layers of primarily hand marbled and hand painted paper, acrylic painting and occasionally found objects. She spends days marbling and hand painting paper to obtain the desired colors and patterns and then tears the paper into pieces and affixes the pieces to canvas or wood to create the many segments of each painting. She then uses acrylic paint to incorporate figures, people, objects, scenery and the like on top of the paper, sometimes using the paper itself to create the figures and objects. She has become fascinated with the Northwest scenery since moving to Oregon several years ago and some of her work focuses on that breathtaking scenery.

Ms. Tucker is a retired lawyer and law professor. For the last thirteen years of her legal career she was a Professor of Law at Arizona State University College of Law. During that time she authored several leading books on the subject of disability law and was a visiting professor of law at many other law schools (such as Cornell University Law School, the University of Colorado Law School, Roger Williams University Law School, and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia). Ms. Tucker has been totally deaf since infancy, but communicates normally via lipreading and speech. Her autobiography about living as a deaf person in a hearing world, ‘The Feel of Silence,” has been published in several countries (and languages) in addition to the U.S.

Without benefit of sound, Ms. Tucker’s world focuses totally on sight and feeling. The intensity of that sight and feeling has led to the celebration of visual and tactile effects that is so forcefully expressed in Ms. Tucker’s work. Her hope is that people will not just like and appreciate her work, but will actually FEEL her work, as she does.